Tax Organizer

This organizer is designed to assist our clients in assembling their tax related documentation, and can be printed on your computer.  Please complete all applicable items before mailing or faxing the organizer to us. 

                                                                       2013 Tax Organizer.pdf

      The completed organizer and tax documents (Forms W2, K1, 1098,1099, etc.)should be sent via USPS to:

                                                                  A. L. Ball and Associates, LLC
                                                                             P.O. Box 5193
                                                                         Somerset, NJ 08875 
                                                                     or FAXed to 888-280-9563

                               Never use E-mail to transmit documents that contain your SSN, Dates or Birth, etc.

 Please call us at 732-545-6764 if you have any questions.